SD0-101 Questions

Service Desk Analyst Qualification

QUESTION NO: Which option is the best example of a closed question?
A. What are the symptoms of your Incident?
B. Tell me what you were doing immediately prior to the Incident?
C. What version of the software do you have?
D. How can I be of help?
Answer: C

QUESTION NO: Which would be a common use of self-healing technology?
A. Automated dial-up
B. Anti-virus software
C. Password locking
D. Autonomous agent
Answer: B

QUESTION NO: Which of these options is NOT part of the correct procedure for putting a user on hold?
A. Asking the user for permission to remotely access their system
B. Communicating a valid reason for putting the user on hold
C. Giving the user a reasonable time frame
D. Regularly updating the user about the wait-time
Answer: A

QUESTION NO: Your organisation has recently implemented SLAs and OLAs. A new starter on your team has confided in you that they dont really understand what an OLA is; how would youexplain it to him/her?
A. It is a legally enforceable contract between a user and a supplier to ensure usersatisfaction with services offered
B. It is an ad-hoc arrangement between internal support teams that is helpful to the support of a contract
C. It is an agreement between internal support teams that defines the support necessary to meetdelivery of IT Services
D. It is a methodology used to measure compliance to standards ofbehaviour
Answer: C

QUESTION NO: Which option is a benefit of using Knowledge Management in a Service Desk?
A. This ensures that all staff will log Incidents uniformly
B. It removes the need for training of Service Desk staff
C. It reduces the Incident talk time for users
D. It reduces the overall cost of support
Answer: D

QUESTION NO: In order to measure its efficiency, a Service Desk routinely measures First Contact Resolution performance; what else might this data be used for?
A. To measure the effectiveness of the escalation procedure
B. To indicate levels of customer satisfaction
C. To measure how long users wait to speak to an SDA
D. To evaluate and adjust staffing levels
Answer: B

QUESTION NO: Which option best describes one of the roles of an SDA?
A. Managingusers expectations
B. Delivering problem support
C. Negotiating SLAs with customers
D. Achieving reporting targets
Answer: A

QUESTION NO: Consider your responsibilities as an SDA: which of these options best describes one of yourprincipal responsibilities?
A. To provide easily understood and accurate answers to users questions
B. To provide technically detailed answers tousers questions
C. To provide users with information about the workings of the Service Desk
D. To provide recommendations about technical courses to users
Answer: A

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